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June 14, 2019

On the 15th of September 2018, nearly 18 million people united to pick up trash from the nature in 157 countries. It was the biggest civic action against waste and yet, it was still not enough.

Partnering with the 25+5 SDG cities

June 12, 2019

6-8 June I had the honor of presenting Keep It Clean Plan at the SDG Champions Conference as an SDG Champion on health issues.

At Circular Economy working group meeting in Brussels

June 5, 2019

On May 22-23, I took part in a circular economy working group meeting hosted by European Environmental Bureau (EEB), one of our partners. The EU has taken many ambitious targets regarding waste and at the meeting we took a look at how member states are doing.

Let`s Do It Foundation makes AI to map waste

June 4, 2019

Let’s Do It Foundation and SIFR in partnership with Microsoft, have developed an AI algorithm for detecting trash in geolocated images and videos.

Sustainable Music Industry: An Example Of Good Practices

May 20, 2019

Festivals play a prominent role in the cultural landscape of a country. While these events are indeed celebrations with thousands of people gathering in one place, such numbers anywhere present inevitable logistical challenges and, hence, lots of waste to manage. There are plenty of examples worldwide of how these events can turn into environmental disasters as a result of lacking environmental policy. Of course all festivals have some inevitable ecological footprints but there are ways to minimise them.

PRESS RELEASE: Clean World Conference: the importance of data in sustainability is crucial

January 30, 2019

Past weekend saw hundreds of civic leaders gathering in Tallinn, Estonia to discuss the next steps for creating a sustainable future. The yearly gathering Clean World Conference organised by Let’s Do It Foundation, for its partners and network, focused on the implementation of the Keep It Clean Plan.

More than Half a Million Volunteers Join in Waste Cleanups in 9 Countries

May 4, 2016

Lithuania broke the participation record this year and Let’s Do It! Lithuania (“Darom”) involved 260,000 people. Among the tonnage, volunteers were surprised to pull up a muddy Volkswagen Golf and a soviet grenade from the Danes River. International Affairs Manager of Let’s Do It!  Lithuania, Vaida Kaduškevičiūtė Petravičė, said, “Darom has become a tradition and […]