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Our team

Kadi Kenk

Executive Director, Board Member

Kadi has a black belt in inspiration and loves to share her expertise on civic campaign.

Kadri Kalle

Education Program Manager

Kadri is passionate about education and sustainability and making things beautiful and fun – this is what she aims to do in our training programs.

Kristiina Kerge

Tech Innovation Lead, Policy manager

Kristiina uses her leadership and smart technologies to find high impact solutions for environmental challenges.

Egle Heinsar

Chief Operating Officer

Mariete Presmann

Project assistant

Mariete is leading system change through informing municipalities of their role in supporting reuse systems.

Susanne Ennok

Social Media Manager

Susanne is the key to our clear, up to date and relevant social media presence.

Triin Toomesaar

Head of Advocacy

Triin has an ever-present passion for both politics and changing the world. Usually these passions match with each other.