The tools for a clean world

We need a systemic shift in our approach to resources – drastically reducing the amount of waste created, and preserving all resources at their highest quality by reusing what we can, and recycling or composting everything else. We also need a collective consensus on creating a healthy waste-free environment for all.

We must shift our perspectives, and treat all waste as a precious resource – just like nature does. It’s only waste when it’s wasted. This will require a collective effort from all levels of society – revising our policies, planning, supply and packaging of goods, decision-making, and business models, while simultaneously transforming public attitudes and behaviours across all generations. To help achieve that, we are providing you with some useful tools and materials.

Keep It Clean Plan

Every single person on this planet is contributing to the world waste problem and, therefore, can solve it too. The Keep It Clean Plan is a set of guidelines that state the overall principles and vision for the sustainable management of resources and waste. It will provide you step-by-step solutions and examples of best practices. The Keep It Clean Plan follows the Zero Waste Hierarchy developed by Zero Waste Europe and incorporates important elements of the circular economy as has been developed by Ellen MacArthur Foundation. See also the simple roadmap to your own plan to keep it clean.*

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Zero Waste Training

Sometimes the key to a successful implementation is about knowing how to teach the knowledge you hold to those who are in the position to change things. Following this methodology and these key topics of zero waste in the Zero Waste Training Handbook and two training programs will get you going on a way to systemic change.