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Dedicated programs to boost social entrepreneurship and become stronger leaders in driving systematic change in waste management

All our performances are well crafted and suited to the audience to share our story and inspiration. Our speakers cover topics from individual responsibility and community leadership to using tech for impact.

Our keynote speakers are able to address waste pollution driven topics from environmental, economic and social perspective. Anything from tackling littered urban streets to understanding the root causes to ocean plastics. We are here to deliver the message with a positive vibe, without over-complicating it.

See below for our speakers – and learn more about how to keep it clean!

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What organisations often need is to find their own approach on how to get started and which actions to choose. Our training program concept for civil society leaders has been developed just for that – to be used as an implementation tool for making your own Keep It Clean Plan and adjust to learners’ needs.

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Our regional accelerators are tailored specifically to their local communities and markets, and provide access to the best of Let’s Do It Foundation – our people, network, and technologies – helping organisations build circular market places.

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We help local governments to improve the quality-of-life and prosperity for citizens and businesses by making sustainable resource and waste management easy. Clean Cities project contains multiple activities and initiatives supported by the local government and local and international experts in zero waste, circular economy and community engagement. 

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