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Our speakers cover topics from individual responsibility and community leadership to using tech for impact. All our performances are well crafted and suited to the audience to share our story and inspiration.

Our keynote speakers are able to address waste pollution driven topics from environmental, economic and social perspective. Anything from tackling littered urban streets to understanding the root causes to ocean plastics. We are here to deliver the message with a positive vibe, without over-complicating it.

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Our speakers

Kadi Kenk

Kadi has a black belt in inspiration and she loves to share what she has learned through trial and error in civic campaigning. She performs both as trainer and public speaker most often on the topics of ABC to excelling circular economy, community engagement and civic empowerment on the road to solving global problems.


  • how to build a movement
  • how ‘You’ can get started with circular economy
  • community engagement

Merili Vares

Merili speaks about taking the global goals into pits and pieces: what they actually mean to every one of us, how to choose the goals more relevant to our actions and how to measure our achievements.


  • UN SDGs
  • change management
  • impact assessment


Kristiina Kerge

Kristiina shares the knowledge how smart technologies and tools can help remote teams keep up the good work and offer solutions for environmental challenges.


  • tech for change
  • AI for good
  • human-centred tech tools



Kadri Kalle

Kadri aims at making sustainability understandable and applicable to different contexts. She balances the global principles with local user cases. She likes to bring interactivity with participants into her presentations.


  • education for sustainable development
  • behaviour change
  • basics of zero waste and circular economy
  • sustainability in practice

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