Know How, Strategy & Action Plan to make resource management easy

We help local governments to improve the quality-of-life & prosperity for citizens and businesses by making sustainable resource & waste management easy.

Making circular economy easy

A consultation package for cities and municipalities

We help local governments to improve the quality-of-life and prosperity for citizens and businesses by making sustainable resource and waste management easy. Clean Cities project contains multiple activities and initiatives supported by the local government and local and international experts in zero waste, circular economy and community engagement.

Overall goals of the program:

  • Clean public space
  • Increased recycling rates
  • Reduced municipal solid waste

Designing waste out of the system by influencing consumption habits, rethinking business models and making them waste-free by design, should be the main priority of economic and environmental policies and funding. Our role is to be an intermediate body between different stakeholders in the city to make a plan that engages the local community and increases environmental awareness.

Short term actions

  • TEACH NEW HABITS – Raise awareness and change attitudes.
  • HIGHLIGHT – Point out wasteful design flaws in goods, and run waste audits to encourage re-design and green purchasing.
  • ACT LOCAL – Supervise, support and connect with local solutions in your community.

Long term actions

  • EDUCATE – Be a knowledge hub for local stakeholders in all levels of society.
  • PRAISE – Point out best practises.
  • GUARD – Monitoring implementation of the project and its sustainability.
  • COOPERATION – Create a platform for local stakeholders to cooperate.

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