The waste and the management of resources in Iran

Iran is a country with a culture to baffle and history to amaze. However, in terms of waste management, they are a country similar to so many others in the world. 

Inspired by the call to be a speaker at the 15th International Conference on Green Management in Iran focusing on women and sustainable development (23 Feb) I am sharing some of the aspects related to my keynote. To hear more and the other wonderful speakers, register in the link below. 


I will be talking about circular waste management solutions and their role in mitigating and building resilience for climate change impact. The country of Iran produces about 18 million tons of waste annually, whereas only 20% of it gets recycled – similarly to waste management trend globally. This illustrates the waste and the potential to manage it. In Let’s Do It Foundation, we support the growth of local initiatives first and foremost since waste management is a local issue. 

Waste management is far from just an environmental matter. Sure, we avoid greenhouse gases and create CO2 sinks by properly circulating materials. But the far more immediate positive impact we can all witness are new jobs and social inclusion of minorities. Even in the most conservative scenario, there is potential to generate 50 times more jobs per every 10 000 tonnes of waste if embracing the full potential of circular economy, instead of ludicrous landfilling of materials daily. If this sparks your interest, get in touch and don’t miss the conference!

Kadi Kenk

15th conf. Green Management

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