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Reuse begins with REFILL ON THE GO! Individuals can refill their water bottles during their daily routine, and when traveling. Businesses encourage customers to bring their own containers and coffee cups. And brands put systems in place for customers to REUSE & REFILL their branded containers in store.
A Deposit Return System encourages consumers to RETURN the packaging of a product to a collection point. They are incentivised thanks to the DEPOSIT that they put down when purchasing the product, and that they get back when dropping off the packaging.
REUSE systems are centered around the collection, cleaning and reuse of packaging, at a large scale. This can be done by a third party, or in house by a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company, or cooperative of restaurants, for example.
In order for REUSE systems to thrive, we need to think outside the box, and become as good at PICK UP, as we are at DELIVERY. We need the milkman and tiffin models to be developed at the local and national level.

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