The new normal is here – a zero waste and circular business model is profitable!

Written by Raivo Videvik, Board Member

I joined the Let’s Do It Foundation team at an extremely interesting time. We are on the threshold of a big change again.

We are making the world a cleaner place through education on waste-free management.

We need to put a limit on the generation and recycling of waste. Our mission is to raise awareness among local authorities and to unite communities in a common effort to adopt zero waste approach. In the future, every city will be able to pass the Zero Waste City certification to be a platform for new sustainable ideas.

Getting there is a conscious journey, and I am pleased that our new​​​​​​​ Zero Waste Ambassador and Trainer programmes, based on a systemic knowledge acquisition methodology, have a solid role to play.

Let’s build an inclusive community! Our Zero Waste unique training programmes are like circular economy implementation tools for cities, villages, islands and communities. I’m happy to support our growth both in Estonia and internationally, to raise awareness and prevent waste as much as possible, and to support new business models that can become role models for sustainable business.

My personal mission is to help turn circular ideas into profitable ones and show how easy it really is.

Let’s Do It Foundation’s ambition is to grow thousand times in the coming years, both in terms of sustainable impact and the implementation of knowledge-based practices.

With the best team in the world, it’s a piece of cake, but the generous helping hand of all supporters is always welcome.

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