Second training course with Trash Hero World lead to new learning tool

A new learning tool focused on identifying false solutions in waste and resource management is now available. The tool was largely developed by Seema Prabhu, the programme director at Trash Hero World, who took the idea from our first training round on how to spot false solutions. With our collective effort it is now a flowchart that can be used individually as an assessment tool for different solutions and products. It is suitable as a game in a teaching-learning setting together with discussions. Also for going more in-depth with different issues like bioplastics, waste-to-fuel etc.

You can download the tool in English, Indonesian and Thai from Trash Hero website here, along with the overview of the training course.

One of our training programs’ aim is for local communities to find their own way of teaching and learning. Thus our role as Let’s Do It Foundation was to consult and mentor. The Trash Hero facilitators lead the sessions and shaped the final discussion topics in interactive sessions. We look forward to many more synergies with the organisations we set up training programs with.

Our second round of online training “Zero Waste Communities” for Trash Hero World lasted for four weeks throughout May and June 2021. Each week we presented an individual homework, video lecture and interactive study session with our trainers and local experts. We went more in depth with the complexities of waste and focused on waste separation, greenwashing, the limits of recycling and waste as a wicked problem. There were over 50 participants from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Hafiz, Malaysia says: “The last homework made me realize that community is an important part in handling waste. I have to learn more about the community I’m in and do research.”

Zahrah, Indonesia: “This training opened my eyes that the solutions offered in the market may not be the ‘best solution.”

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