Partnering with the 25+5 SDG cities

The conference was bringing together 25+5 SDG cities network who have been carefully chosen, due to their outstanding efforts, unique actions and promising future projects. If you are active in one of the piloting cities, want to start with getting busy with implementing the Keep It Clean Plan, then get in touch with the city council and offer your partnership. Let’s Do It Foundation will provide you with any assistance you may need with the right expertise and connections. Read more about the SDG 25+5 here.

The 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership platform is starting with 25 cities operating in 5 different realities all over the world and 5 indigenous communities to showcase that we have all we need to reach all 17 SDGs latest by 2025. And as all citizens in these 25+5 represent 125 million people of the 7.7 billion global population, we can say, we have started by improving nothing less than the life’s of 1.5% of our planet. Who would refuse taking a call being part of this team and become a shining lighthouse for the others?

More information:
Kadi Kenk
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