New batch of Zero Waste Trainers in the Baltic Region

Zero Waste Trainer training is one of our core programs. This autumn we had the chance to organize part of it onsite again, this time here in Tallinn.  


Since the Zero Waste Trainer training challenges some of our common understandings of learning and teaching and can therefore be quite intensive, it was spread over to 4 weekly online sessions in October on the main principles and concepts, which was then followed by 3 days onsite on Nov 1st to 3rd, to put into practice the learned skills and to network. 

The training has caught interest from different types of trainers. This time we had 22 participants from Estonia, Poland and Germany, ranging from university lecturers to consultants to business owners. And it was a true joy to see people coming together from diverse backgrounds, sharing the same passion for zero waste and teaching. Although the 3 days in Tallinn were intensive, nothing still beats the possibility to learn together in the same physical space. And to have fun while doing so! 

We let the participants themselves to share their impressions of the training: 

  • It is an excellent training that has so many applications in real life – it is not only a training for people who give lectures. It will be useful for anybody. It facilitates your own learning as well as communication and tutoring with your coworkers in any work place. It also helps to be a better parent teaching your kids 😉 I would also underline more that this training has a big networking component in it – allowing you to meet people doing similar things from Europe.“ 
  • „This is the time that you have a feeling that old educational schemes have been outdated, but now you feel yourself how you can be a change.“ 
  • „Valuable content, dedicated trainers, convenient formula – and overall great experience. Thanks to this training I feel much more confident not only as an educator but also as a learner. I wish we had been taught that at school!“ 
  • „This training will inspire you to rethink all your former workshop concepts and focus on true learning.“ 

We hope that many of them will also continue their journey by becoming certified Zero Waste Trainers, a certification scheme offered by Zero Waste Europe.

This training was funded by The Council of the Baltic Sea States and organised by Let´s Do It Foundation in collaboration with Zero Waste Kiel e.V. and Polskie Stowarzyszenie Zero Waste. 

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