PRESS RELEASE: Clean World Conference: the importance of data in sustainability is crucial

With the purpose of working out the necessary steps towards permanent solutions, various aspects of the Keep It Clean Plan were discussed at the conference, involving partners from different sectors. Key actions in relation to municipalities, businesses, policymaking and education were mapped out. The results of these discussions will be used as input to build Let’s Do It Foundation’s strategy for upcoming years. “The importance of waste data and citizens role in gathering and sharing it with decision makers came out as one the strongest messages throughout the conference,” highlighted Merili Vares, newly appointed member of the Let’s Do it Foundation management board.

Let’s Do it Foundation presented a waste report of the World Cleanup Day 2018, which estimates that at least 88 500 tonnes of waste was collected during the global action that took place in September last year. “At the same time almost twice this amount is produced every day in Indonesia, a country with challenging waste management conditions. This shows both the scale of the problem and need to tackle it with more permanent solutions,” pointed out Vares.

Clean World Conference had the privilege to host some of the most renowned experts working for years on implementing the principles that are in the core of the Keep It Clean Plan. They all emphasized the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration. “Citizens can only act in the frames they are given by companies and policies”, pointed out by Valeria Merino, Vice-President of the Global Earth Day, Earth Day Network. The momentum now is right to take the next steps. “We have seen more change in public policy in past 6 months than in the past 26 years”, noted by Clarissa Charlotte Morawski, policy expert and the founder of the Reloop Platform.

Clean World Conference is the gathering of the inspirational and dedicated teams and partners from across 158-country network of Let’s Do It! World who come together to connect, learn, inspire and plan for a cleaner future. The conference was supported by Dagcoin, The Coca-Cola Foundation, Tahe Outdoors and the Embassy of Canada.

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More information:
Merili Vares, Member of the Management Board, Let’s Do It Foundation

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